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An e-book is the content of the book, processed and tweaked so that you can read it on your computer or small digital device. It is the essential book. It contains the heart and soul, and the brains, of what the author wrote. E-books do not waste trees.

We publish new books, never published before. And we re-publish old books that you can't find anywhere else. We publish the books we want to read ourselves.

Our newest books are part of our Adventure Books series of new story collections and reissues of novels by the greatest adventure fiction writers of the last two hundred years.


The Fortunes of Lal Faversham by Rafael Sabatini

Lionel "Lal" Faversham is a dashing Cavalier, one of the best swordsmen in England, and a royalist still loyal to King Charles II in spite of the civil war that has forced them into exile in Scotland and France. He has suffered for his loyalty, but in this adversity finds adventure and romance! Six "lost" Sabatini stories tell how he defeats his enemies, and regains his lands when a desperate nation begs its King to come home and reign. Classic Sabatini historical adventure, but out of print for eighty years, and never before collected in book form. Edited, and with an introduction by, Sabatini scholar Jesse F. Knight. On sale now!

 Cover image for The Fortunes of Lal Faversham

The Lion's Skin by Rafael Sabatini

Money and politics! Treachery, romance, betrayal, and snobbery. Unrequited love! Justin Caryll, brought up in France after his real father abandoned him and his mother in 1690, has been schooled all his life to find and destroy that same father. Now that man, ruined in the South Sea Bubble and flailing desperately in attempts to regain his fortune, has been plotting secretly with the Pretender to the English throne. Justin will betray the betrayer; but in England, just arrived, he is caught up in a web of deceit and betrayal by others. And he falls hopelessly in love with a woman who is the ward of, and depends upon, the very man he would destroy. And then things get truly complicated.... An unusual book by Sabatini, combining swashbuckling adventure, spies and counterspies, and a comedy of manners. Now on sale everywhere!

 Cover image for The Lion's Skin

Scaramouche by Rafael Sabatini

The most famous opening line of any of Sabatini's novels, "He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad," sums up this story of friendship, love, betrayal, political intrigue, and swashbuckling thrills, all presented against the background of the turbulent times of the French Revolution. This is Sabatini's grand homage to the Theatre, the Rights of Man, Swordplay, and the twists of Fate. By turns joyful, sad, terrifying, and absorbing, this is the novel that Sabatini most wished to be remembered for. Now available at online e-book stores worldwide.

 Cover image for Scaramouche

Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini

Pick one book that exemplifies Sabatini's mastery of the dashing adventure of derring-do with swashbuckling romance, personal struggle against the Fates, vast sweep of narrative panorama, historical accuracy with a you-are-there immediacy. Captain Blood is the odyssey of an innocent gentleman physician of Jacobean England. Condemned to indentured slavery in the Caribbean, he escapes to become the most feared pirate of the 17th century. But there is much more to his story! The newest in our series of Sabatini's Adventure e-Books; Now Available!.

 Cover for Captain Blood

The Outlaws of Falkensteig by Rafael Sabatini

The first of our collections of "New" stories by Sabatini! Unavailable since their original magazine publication, these are stories of dashing and romantic outlaws in a 1600's Germany that never was. Thrills! Betrayal! Trickery! and/or Romance! These are wonderful tales, twisty pathways all different, and all great fun. With an introduction to Sabatini and to these stories by Sabatini scholar Jesse F. Knight. The first NEW title in our series of Adventure e-Books;Available NOW!.

 Cover image for The Outlaws of Falkensteig

Bardelys the Magnificent by Rafael Sabatini

Here we go: another mad run through 17th Century France with swordfights, rebellions, disguise, identity theft, and an extremely star-crossed love affair between a leading courtier of Louis XIII (Bardelys, known as "The Magnificent") and the beautiful Roxalanne of Lavédan. Set in the same milieu as Dumas' Three Musketeers stories. Another in our series of Adventure e-Books; Available Now.

 Cover image for Bardelys the Magnificent

SunSmoke by James Killus

A smog researcher dies under mysterious circumstances, and the air around Los Angeles becomes unexpectedly clear. But not for long! A tale of magic, and love, and Japanese martial arts, and atmospheric research. The long-awaited reissue of Jim Killus' SunSmoke is all these things.

 Cover image for SunSmoke

Alas, Poor Yorick by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The story before the story: what was going on in Denmark twenty years before the events of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Murder; betrayal; war; treachery; love; illicit affairs; and all the other traditional elements of historical political thrillers, told in the first person by Yorick himself. Don't miss it!

 Cover for Alas, Poor Yorick

Love-at-Arms by Rafael Sabatini
A classic in our new series of Adventure e-Books, Sabatini's Love-at-Arms is an exuberant romp through love and war, heroism and treachery in late 15th-Century Italy. Read this book and see why Sabatini is considered the all-time greatest writer of historical adventure. You can download and read the first quarter of the book for free; that should get you hooked. ON SALE NOW.

 Cover for Love-at-Arms

The Sea-Hawk by Rafael Sabatini
The second in our new series of Adventure e-Books, Sabatini's The Sea-Hawk is the classic tale of a man, betrayed by his brother into slavery, who triumphs as the dreaded pirate captain The Hawk of the Sea and wreaks his vengeance on his enemies. It's one of Sabatini's best!

Read the first quarter of the book for free! Try it; buy it.

 Cover for The Sea-Hawk

In the Face of Death by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

We're proud to feature an e-book by Yarbro, from her Saint-Germain canon of historical vampire romances. Madelaine de Montalia comes to America in the 1840's to live among Native American tribes, and becomes caught up in the American Civil War—and in love with William Tecumseh Sherman. "…superb historical novel full of insight and romantic drama." —Bookpage

 Cover for In the Face of Death

Strange Seas by Suzy McKee Charnas—her first e-book!

Non-fiction about whales, and channeling, and writing, and a unique insight into the thoughts of this award-winning author. An astonishing work, totally unlike anything she has ever published before. "A Strange and interesting book.... Charnas fans will find Strange Seas fascinating."—ANALOG.

 Cover for Strange Seas

Magnificat by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The Catholic Church elects a woman Pope; and the world changes in astonishing ways. Science fiction, speculative fact, thriller, adventure, cultures, philosophy, history—all these in a vast exploration of humans and their relationships to each other— and to their God. Reading this novel will help you understand the current headlines about the Church.

 Cover for Magnificat

The Memoirs of General William T. Sherman—Volume One.

Edition—$4.95. One of the most famous of the autobiographies of the leaders of the American Civil War, and one of the most forthright and penetrating. Sherman was far ahead of his time in understanding the military and political lessons of the conflict, and was ready to write about any part of his public career. Basic to understanding the War, and important background for readers of In the Face of Death. Volume Two (4th Edition) is also available! Also $4.95. Sherman's Home Letters to follow.

 Cover for Sherman's Memoirs Volume One

The Memoirs of General William T. Sherman—Volume Two.

Reissue in e-book form of the 1891 4th Edition—$4.95. This volume begins with the Atlanta campaign and includes the famous "March to the Sea." The end of the war and the aftermath are covered, as his subsequent career at the head of the United States Army and his political career. A final chapter by the editors was added for this memorial edition to cover his last days and his funeral in New York City. Volume One is also available at $4.95. Sherman's Home Letters to follow.

 Cover for Sherman's Memoirs Volume Two



Rafael Sabatini is probably the most famous English-language writer of historical adventure and romance. In a career that spanned over fifty years, he recreated the thrills and the life of the past, and showed us archetypes we still recognize today. Hidden Knowledge is republishing his most famous works. We're also publishing new collections of stories not seen since their original magazine publication a century ago. Hidden Knowledge sponsors the website of the Sabatini enthusiasts at RafaelSabatini.com.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is the award-winning author of over sixty-five books in science fiction, horror, and other fields of fiction and non-fiction. Read more…

Suzy McKee Charnas is the winner of Hugo, Nebula, and Tiptree awards for her science fiction, fantasy, and horror works; this is her first non-fiction book. Read more…



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