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Strange Seas by Suzy McKee Charnas.

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Cover art © Jeff Ward.

Hidden Knowledge has signed Suzy McKee Charnas, winner of both the Hugo and Nebula awards, for a book which is completely different from anything she has published before. The book features cetaceans, and the future of the world and our place in it, and insights into what it means to be a writer. An autobiographical work of self-discovery, Strange Seas adds a new dimension to our understanding of this highly regarded author and her work.

Here's what she has to say about this book on her professional website:

"So what do you do, after you complete a four-book feminist futuristic epic that has taken thirty years pretty much an entire career so far to finish? What I'm doing is wrapping up two new books this summer, both of them total departures for me (and surprises for you; I hope you like surprises).

 The author at Dawes Glacier, Alaska
The author at Dawes Glacier, Alaska © Suzy McKee Charnas

"One ... is what some will consider fantasy, although as far as I'm concerned it's straight non-fiction. Strange Seas is the story of an investigation I fell into of the lives and cultures of whales and other cetaceans, this information being obtained through a medium. I've consulted this channeler on and off for a number of years on various other subjects and found her reliable, and once this topic opened up it was utterly irresistible. The book is a mind-boggler either way you go; there's a lot more going on down there under the water than we ever dared to dream, or else my channeling friend should be writing SF she's got the imagination for it, and she thinks big!"

For Windows and Macintosh computers, in PDF, HTML, Palm Reader, Palm DOC, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader formats; and designed to be compatible with hand-held readers. Approximately 100,000 words. CD-ROM version includes links and pointers to background material on the meaning and the context of the book.

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Inland Passage of Alaska
Photograph of inland passage © Suzy McKee Charnas

You can read the first three chapters of the book for free! Download it from our web storefront at no charge, then live in miserable uncertainty until you buy the book to find out just what it all means.

Strange Seas is available for Windows, Macintosh, Palm, and Unix/Linux computers, in Adobe Reader/PDF, Palm Reader, HTML, and Microsoft Reader formats. The MSR version can be read in any version of the MS Reader, and the HTML is convertible for use with other hand-held readers and PDA's. For more information read our info page about formats.

As is the case for all Hidden Knowledge e-books, buying a copy from our web storefront in one format entitles you to a copy in any or all of the other formats. Further, you may copy the e-book onto a second computer or hand-held device, and/or print out a copy of the Adobe or HTML versions. You agree not to send out pirate versions or put it onto P2P networks or sell photocopies on eBay &etc. Read our notes on Buyers' Rights.

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