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Alas, Poor Yorick by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

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Quinn Yarbro's seventieth book, and her third e-book, Alas, Poor Yorick, is unique even for a Yarbro work. Opening two decades before the events of Shakespeare's play Hamlet, this is how it began. It's told by Yorick, jester and conscience to the elder Hamlet, King of Denmark; and it's told as it happens. We know what will happen to young Hamlet, the Prince, in the tale of Shakespeare; here are the friendships, the enlistments, the first betrayals, and the treasons that led to tragedies that we see on the stage.

This is a tale of sex and politics. And duty and betrayal, and war and love. And what happens when those closest to you—the ones you depend on—must choose between fate and friendship.

World-renowned author Jack Dann says:

"A fantasy, a mystery, a satire, a historical romance without the compulsory pro-forma happy ending, a critique, a literary novel, a postmodern novel, an homage—Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Alas, Poor Yorick is, impossibly, all these things.

"It is a wonderful, heart-wrenching yet comic novel. It is a sly, serious novel. It is 'sort of' like Hamlet told from the point of view of the jester. It is 'sort of' like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. It is 'sort of' like Shakespeare In Love. It is sharp and cutting and witty. It is, in short, impossible to categorize!

"Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is a master, and Alas, Poor Yorick is a treasure."

[Jack Dann is the multiple award-winning author and editor of over fifty books, including The Man Who Melted, The Silent, Counting Coup, Jubilee, Dreaming Down-Under, and the international bestseller about Leonardo da Vinci, The Memory Cathedral.]

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has been the featured Guest of Honor at numerous conventions and conferences, and her works have been honored many times over. Her novels of the fictional Comte de St. Germain are available in multiple formats and editions and have attracted a wide following. [In the Face of Death, a book in the St. Germain canon, is also published by Hidden Knowledge.]

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The CD-ROM comes with additional background material on the setting and the context, and some other gifts from us to you. Length: approximately 165,000 words.

You can read the first part of the book (and selections from the later parts) for free! Download it from our web storefront at no charge, then struggle with your life until you decide you simply have to buy the book to find out just what it all means.

Alas, Poor Yorick is available for Windows, Macintosh, Palm, and Unix/Linux computers, in Adobe eBook Reader/PDF, Palm Reader, Palm DOC, Mobipocket, HTML, and Microsoft Reader formats. The MSR version can be read in any version of the MS Reader, and the HTML is convertible for use with other hand-held readers and PDA's. For more information read our info page about formats.

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