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You can buy Alas, Poor Yorick in Palm Reader, Acrobat eBook/PDF, Microsoft Reader, or HTML formats NOW, by downloading it from our web storefront. Or you can buy the CD-ROM edition, which contains the book in all three formats, as well as the "Extras" page of background information and links.

Our web storefront makes buying the book easy. Follow the link below, fill out the credit card buying form, and the e-book gets downloaded to your computer. If you order the CD-ROM, we'll get one out to you in the next business day's mail.

If you don't want to use a credit card, you can pay us directly by check, cashier's check, or money order (made out to Hidden Knowledge) and we'll e-mail the e-book (or mail the CD-ROM) to you. Our address:

Hidden Knowledge
1181 Martin Ave.
San Jose, CA 95126

Download version is $7.95, U.S. funds on a U.S. bank. If you want the CD-ROM version, it's $14.95 plus shipping (and sales tax if your address is in California); send us e-mail first, so we can calculate shipping and tax.)

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That's really all there is to it.

Just choose the format you want (you may have to go to the next catalog page), click the "Buy" button, and do what the nice storefront software tells you to do. When your credit card has been accepted, the CD-ROM shipping information page, or a "download" page will appear. Make sure the shipping information is correct and follow through the sales software; or, if you bought a download, the file should start coming to your computer—save it where you want to keep it.

Once you have the CD-ROM or you've downloaded the e-book file, you can make a copy for your other computer, print it out (from the PDF or HTML versions), or even sell it—as long as you don't make pirate copies and/or give copies away. We'd like you to read and understand your rights and wrongs as a buyer. You can sell or give away the e-book, once you've read it, if you get rid of ALL copies you may have on your computers, and any printed copy, too.

The storefront has descriptive info that tells you about the e-book and the formats it comes in. If you're not sure which format you want, you can click one of the "Try" buttons and the sample version of that book in that format will start downloading itself to your computer. Save that on your hard disk and then take a look at it using the appropriate reader software.

Tedious Information About Formats

If you decide later that you wanted a different format, send us e-mail: formatchange@hidden-knowledge.com. We're working on making this automatic; for now it takes a human to help you.

If you're using Acrobat Reader, make sure you have the latest versions of these [free!] readers. See our formats page for more info.

If you're using Unix/Linux, you should be able to read the PDF or HTML versions; send e-mail to techsupport@hidden-knowledge.com if problems arise.

If you're using a Palm, Sony Clié, or Handspring Visor, you can convert the HTML version using iSilo. They've done away with the freeware version, but the shareware version is pretty cheap and will retain the formatting. We expect to have a Palm-DOC (.pdb) version available this summer. (Both the Aportis PDF reader and the Adobe PDF reader for the Palm have problems reading the PDF version.)

If you have an old Rocket e-Book you can use Rocket Librarian to convert the HTML format so that it can be read on your machine. The newer Gemstar REB 1100 and 1200 don't let you put your own material on them, but there may be a workaround.

If you bought the CD-ROM, read the instructions on the printed material in the front of the case. You can read the e-books directly from the CD-ROM, or copy them onto your hard disk for faster response (or to copy them to your other computer). Use your web browser to read "START_HERE.HTML" — it tells you what to do.

Places you can go on the Hidden Knowledge websites:

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